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I work in a mid-size State University as a Systems Manager. The things we have to support are from Student Demand. I'm looking at view from a desktop replacemnt perspective for Student Labs and providing the ability to do almost anything a student can dream up. We don't have alot of ability to tell them what they can't do other than things that are illegal.

Here are some thing I've noticed about View 4.01 / Windows 7 (Client and VM)

Testing was all done with the same VM:

Windows 7 Enterprise 32 bit, 2 vCPU 2GB RAM, SVGA II Video Driver, 128MB Video RAM

ESX Host: Dell R710, 48GB RAM 1066Mhz, 2 x Quad-Core Nehalem 2.66Ghz

SAN: EMC Claiion, FC 10K Disks

1) Windows XP Client (Dell 2.4Ghz Gx260, 2GB RAM, split-DVI 19" 1280x1024)

Avatar Full Screen 1080p Youtube trailer -- network: 3-5Mb/sec (video is pretty decent, impressive)
MutliMonitor works perfectly as long as the SVGA II driver is used. Seems to be a big issue.
USB Redirection is iffy. doesn't seem to work well. My iPod doesn't redirect. It actually disconnects from the XP client instead of redirecting.
PassThrough Authentication (SSO) works as expected and is able to pick up my AD Account from XP

2) Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit Client (Dell Precition Workstaion T3400, Dual Core, 2GB RAM, dual-DVI 22" 1600x1050)

Avatar Full Screen 1080p Youtube trailer -- network: 15-30Mb/sec (video is
pretty decent, lots of bandwidth)
MultiMonitor works perfectly ad as expected with the caveat of the SVGA II driver
USB redirection wasn't installed at first, so I removed and reinstalled the client, but still doesn't show up.
SSO works, but doesn't pick up my AD credentials from Windows.

3) Wyse P20 Zero Client (Teradici chi

Avatar Full Screen YouTube 1080p -- netwokr :1.5-4Mb/sec. *video is good, but is 1/2 sec ahead of audio*
MultiMonitor works somewhat. If I try to change monitor arrangement, they end up overlapping and it gets very confused.
USB redirection seems to work well. My iPod redirects, my flash drive redirects, but my external HD does not. I've checked and there are no USB restricitons or GPs that would prevent this.
SSO works as expected.

Overall, I am pleased. I wish Marketing and Engineering would get their stories straight for Windows 7.

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one correction. The P20 zero client is more like 20Mb/sec on average according to the web interface session statistics.

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