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VMware vSAN™ Advanced for Desktop. ( Available with Horizon Enterprise/Advanced). Is it supported with Hybrid VSAN configuration as well or only with All-Flash

Horizon Advanced and Enterprise Edition includes rights to use vsan for free. However in the documentation all-flash is explicitly mentioned, does it mean that this license right is only for All-Flash hardware configuration usage and cant be use for hybrid ones.



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Take a look here

vSAN for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) | Horizon 7 Features | VMware


All-Flash or Hybrid Architecture

vSAN can be used in all-flash architecture in which server-attached flash devices provide both caching and data persistence for extremely high and consistent levels of performance or in a hybrid configuration in which server-side flash devices are pooled to provide a read/write cache and server-attached HDDs provide data persistence.


VSAN for Desktop I'm pretty sure is the same thing as vSAN for VDI, I can't see why there would be different ones, plus I've never head of vsan for vdi, other than this page I think its just a different name for the same thing.