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VMware tools, View agents, nVidia drivers - install order?

This is our current environment

  • ESXi 6.7 Update 1 running on HPE DL380s Gen10 servers
  • VMWare View 7.6.0
  • VMWare Tools 10.2.5
  • nVidia 7.0 - this includes the vib install on the ESXi hosts as well as the nVidia driver install under Windows
  • Window 10 version 1709

I know when building a new master image, the order of install is:

  1. VMware Tools
  2. VMware View agents
  3. nVidia drivers
I now want to upgrade to VMWare tools to 10.3.5 which was just released. Which method do I use?

Method 1
Upgrade master image VMWare tools, new snapshot, recompose desktops
Method 2

  • Uninstall nVidia drivers, reboot master image
  • Uninstall VMWare view agents, reboot
  • Upgrade VMWare tools, reboot
  • Install VMWare View agents, reboot
  • Install nVidia drivers, reboots
  • Set licensing server, new snapshot, recompose desktops

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We use method 2 even for parents where the NVIDIA drivers are not installed. We've seen some odd issues when you try to upgrade VMware Tools without uninstalling the Horizon Agent first.


You need to uninstall and install in the correct order. Upgrading one is possible but you will have run a chance to run into issues.

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