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VMware View brokers load balancing issue with KEMP

Guys, I need hello with VMware View connection servers load balancing configuration with KEMP VLAM 100. I couldn't find any VMware View connection server load balancing- KEMP scenario or steps online.

I have configured as per following steps but virtual service status is showing as down. Can some one help me with this? I think I am doing some mistake with port numbers.

- I have imported Kemp VLM 100 onto ESXi environment

- Allocated an IP from 10.10.10.x range ( eth0)

- I haven't configured eth1, I think it's optional

- Then login to WEB console and configured NTP , DNS etc...

-and remaining configured as per attached screenshots but finally status is showing as red. Initially I have tried with just adding one real server and had this issue later I have tried by adding two real servers with out luck.




Thanks, Jo http://virtualcloudzz.blogspot.com.au/
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