VMware View alternative to Apache VCL (ability to make classroom reservations)

Hi everyone,

We are a large university and are heavily invested in VMware view 4.6 and have about 1k concurrent licenses spread across multiple ESXi hosts running under one VCenter.  One of our co-workers in upper managmenet went to a forum at NCSU and saw Apache VCL at work.  The cool thing about VCL is that it allows professors to reserve virtual desktop seats through a website for a specific time using a specific software set (gold image).  The VCL service then automatically looks at the available resources and makes a determination at whether the request can be met.  If so then it accepts the reservation and then provisions the virtual desktops based up on the request close to the specified reservation time.

Does VMware or any of its parters have a similar software set?  I have briefly looked at Cloud Director but this does not seem to be what we are looking for. This would be a great asset for a university since it allows for automation and control over labs through an easy to use website.  VCL cannot be used in conjunction with VMware View since it uses Redhats virtualization technologies.

Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks in advance!

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