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VMware View VDI Proof of Concept

We have a relatively large vSphere environment and have just starting to look into VDI. I am planning a proof of concept for VMware View and I want to outline the specific hardware and software requirements. My initial thinking is:

- a vSphere ESX Cluster with 2 Hosts (with appropriate Hosts licensing)

- a vCenter Server (with appropriate licensing)

- Perhaps some thin/zero clients if I want to test that type of connectivity

..beyond that I wasn't sure what else I needed (i.e. View Manager Server (physical or VM), additional licensing, etc.)

Could someone assist...also...I am looking through the VMware documentation and papers related to VMware View, if anyone has recommendations for good sites and documents for View deployment planning and execution please direct me to that as well.

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just went through that exact process. feel free to drop me a direct message to discuss.