VMware View Upgrade/Migration

Currently planning an upgrade of my vsphere and view environments.
I am moving from vsphere ESX4 with View 4.0 to a brand new ESXi vsphere and view 5.1 environment. (Ent. plus)
Brand new storage will also be added during the project.
Current Storage will be shared for the purpose of vm migrations during the crossover, then removed.
I am not planning to upgrade any of the components, instead a new vcenter instance & DB will be created along
with a new view connection server.
The current view environment consists of approx 50 individual non-persistant virtual desktops assigned to end users
directly via entitlements.
Composer is not currently enabled.
I would like to move these into my new ready made view environment.
I am concious no version of VMware View Manager 4.x  is compatible with vSphere 5 or its associated products so it
could be done via a cold migration into a new manual pool but would require manual intervention to re-create the entitlements.
Is there another option?- backing up the database components and restoring them between versions of view I presume is not
supported and seems overkill in any case.
View agent on the desktops is version 4- from what I can see this is compatible with connection server 5.1 and so does not require an upgrade?
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