VMware Optimization Tools IME switching

Greetings! New to this forum!

I am trying to make a golden image for Windows 10 202H here for Hong Kong users.  We know multiple languages and so switching IME method is a very common practice for daily OS operation.

On the optimization tools, I cannot really figure out which registries relate to IME.  I accept the default analysis and do all the things.  The finalize process is done and provisioned by Horizon without problem.  However, all the desktop VMs in the pool lose the switch IME functions (Shift+Alt by default). To be more specific, the "EN / 中" thing at lower right corner of the task bar is gone.

Without optimizing and just finalize the image, the switch input method are fine in the pool.  Therefore, I am sure the optimization tools has disabled something which I cannot find out.

Could any fellow shed some lights on this issue please?

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