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Hi Everybody,

So I will admit I optimized using this tool without going through the instructions in their entirety and now have a couple of problems I need to undo.

I would like to reinstall all store apps which were uninstalled/disabled. I have tried using powershell to do this but powershell does not appear to be working. It runs but there is no output and the apps never appear.  I would like to script this vs. manually adding them back in the store.

The second ties into the first. What happened to powershell? I still require this functionality. It loads but nothing seems to work, I receive no output from any commands. I believe I have set the executionpolicy properly.

Thanks for your help.

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Bascially at this point I'd start over, and make sure you take a snapshot before you use the optimization tool. Your goal should be automating this whole process anyway, Here is a few other alterntative resources you should look at


Manually Creating Optimized Windows Images for VMware Horizon VMs | VMware

Using Continuous Deployment to Provision VDI Desktops | virtualhobbit

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Hot Shot

Totally agree with @sjesse. The image we use determines how stable the environment is and how happy the users are. Even if there is a small mistake, revert and start over.  Else you will spend more time in troubleshooting than the time spent to create a clean image.

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