VMware Horizon Client - Windows 10 - Freezes with my home WIFI (router ZTE ZXHN F680)

Hi everybody,

I have the following issue with VMware Horizon Client (5.3.0 build-15208953) in Windows 10 and with my home WIFI (router ZTE ZXHN F680):

I connect to my server without problems but after some time the screen freezes and a few seconds later the connection is lost and a message appears saying that the connection was finished. When I try to reconnect, after entering my username and my password a black screen appears instead of my desktop and a several seconds later a timeout message appears. However, I can reconnect without problems if I use 4G from my mobile, or if I use an Ethernet cable with the same router or if I use a different router (I connected another router to the ZTE with an Ethernet cable to be used as a repeater and I connected the laptop to the new router via WIFI).

I do not have problems with other applications, only with VMware Horizon Client...

Any ideas about this problem? Should I look for something in the log files?



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