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VMware Horizon 8 PRODUCTION SUPPORT INCREASED pricing after 8/6/2020


The next time you go to renew your Horizon Enterprise licenses PRODUCTION SUPPORT, this is what will happen

1. The cost of the Horizon Enterprise Production Support DO NOT CHANGE.

2. Because Fusion, vSAN, and vREALIZE OM for Horizon, is "UNBUNDLED" you can still get upgrades, but now you pay VMware ADDED production support licenses for these 3.

So if you had no changes in your feature set for Horizon Enterprise, when you go to renew your support, you are now paying additional costs to continue to provide Fusion, vSAN and vRealize in your environment.

When you get that friendly reminder 2 months ahead of your renewal and they try to slide you quote, double check what you are paying now from last year.

Someone, please explain to me how I can justify the cost increase to my CIO.

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