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VMWare Horizon Window Focus behavior



We have a client who uses a somewhat antiquated piece of software for some data entry they do on their local computer. When they have the Horizon client opened up as well the focus will randomly switch to the Horizon window after they press enter or tab or space (the trigger varies and is inconsistent) in their data entry software. This occurs even if the Horizon client is on a second screen (or second desktop) it doesn't matter whether it is full screen, minimized, windowed etc. Obviously this is very disruptive to their workflow. They have never encountered this issue before with any other software that they use (they are new to our VMWare environment). I tried reaching out to the vendor of their data entry software but they "had no suggestions whatsoever" and had only ever heard of something similar with 1 other client, who also used virtualization software. Do you guys have any idea what could be causing this or have you heard any similar reports? 


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