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VMWare Horizon Client not launching

Hi there, 

I have tried to download the VMware Horizon View Client. I have tried downloading and opening all available versions on my Macbook Air (M1 2020 with macOS Big Sur v11.3.1). However none of these applications is opening – it just says application not responding. 

Please could anyone help me troubleshoot this?

I have downloaded, uninstalled, and then redownloaded all versions multiple times and restarted my computer between downloads. I have ensured port 443 is open to launch the remote desktop. However despite all this the application simply does not open and immediately goes to 'not responding'. 

If you were able to help me troubleshoot I would be most grateful. Have you encountered this issue before on a Mac?

Thank you so much.

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ou can check some steps to see if it works.

Make sure your Mac is connected to the network and has Internet access. Also, make sure there are no firewall blocks or proxy settings that could be interfering with Horizon communication.

Check your Mac's security settings, such as built-in firewalls or third-party security software, which may be blocking Horizon client communication.

Verify that the login credentials you are using on the Horizon client are correct. Authentication errors can prevent access to virtual desktops and applications.

Make sure you are using a supported version of the VMware Horizon client for macOS

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