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VMWare Horizon Client installation/update does fail due to missing and deprecated 'imp' module


Temporary fix:
Install Python 3.11 with your package manager and copy imp.py from its lib directory into the Python 3.12 lib directory.



trying to install/update the newest Horizon Client on my Linux machine. I'm using the install bundle.
Like always, I first wanted to uninstall the current installed version.

sudo env VMWARE_KEEP_CONFIG=yes ./VMware-Horizon-Client-2309.1-8.11.1-22775487.x64.bundle -u vmware-horizon-client

This gives me the following error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'imp'

A quick research indicates, that this module is very old, deprecated (since 9 years) and was finally removed in Python 3.12. My current Version of Python is, so that makes sense. It's horrifying to see a big company like VMWare doing such a bad job at maintaining their packages. Please update your package.

Thank you.

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