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VMWare Horizon Client 2203.1 for MacOS Crashing upon loading

Having an issue with the Horizon client for a handful of callers now (I work as a service desk technician).  Commonality so far is that previously the client worked without issue for their Macs on the latest OS - Monterrey.  Now (starting in the past week or so?), behavior is that they get as far as entering their credentials, the client loads a black screen, and after 5 seconds or so the Horizon client crashes.  So far this has been reported by 3 users so far.  One of which says this also has been the case on their iPad as long as she can remember.  The third, my colleague who was doing this to verify what I was observing/reporting, stated that he got the same result as well, but after the 4th attempt to log in he was able to do so without issue.

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