VDI Locking issues on power save


We have a VDI solution and within that we have a specific pool that is used as a "monitoring wall board". The users of this wallboard have requested that the automatic lock of the VDI console is increased with no activity (it was automatic lock after 15 minutes). This has been successfully managed by changing group policy settings for the VDI linked clone computer objects.

However, when the physical workstation controlling the PCoIP session goes into monitor power saving mode (15 minutes of inactivity) the VDI console automatically locks. The physical workstation does not lock, just power saves. If the physical workstation receives some input, it resumes with no CTRL+ALT+DEL screen required. The VDI console doesn't and needs credentials.

I've scanned group policy and looked at all the ADM templates provided on a connection server and cannot find anything that might fix this. (Other than stopping the physical desktop from power saving, which we really want to avoid). We have the VDI console workstation not going into power saving mode and set to "DO NOTHING" when power saving tries to kick in (it's also on high performance plan).

I can't seem to work out how to stop this, has anyone come across anything similar and got a fix?



------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Ryan vExpert, VCP5, VCAP5-DCA, MCITP, VCE-CIAE, NPP4 @vRyanH http://vRyan.co.uk
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