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So I updated my Horizon View environment this past weekend. (Connection, Composer, Security Servers, and View Agent on Golden Images)  All is working as expected.  Oh yeah I updated from a 7.3 build. There is one issue that is a bit annoying.  So when a user locks their guest operating system session (Windows 7) and come back to login after 10 minutes or so, they login successfully however after a couple of seconds, the VDI desktop resolution changes to 1024 x 768.  This is not the resolution of the monitors,  SO they have to disconnect that session and log back in to fix the issue.  This was not happening on 7.3.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thin Clients - WYSE 7020

Guest OS - Windows 7

Horizon Agent - 7.10

Connection Server - 7.10

Security Server - 7.10

Composer Server - 7.10

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This is indeed a strange issue. The only thing missing here is the version of the horizon client. Have you checked if there are any updates available for your thin clients?

You can also check the HCL to see if you can find your thin client and the required versions:

VMware Compatibility Guide - Horizon (Thin Clients) Search



Hi, mlenis

In image for VDI desktop I change resolution to 800 x 600 before shutdown and create snapshot, with this resolution 800 x 600. For now work Smiley Happy

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