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Here is the only less-than appealing disadvantage of our VDI system (PCoIP) compared to our Citrix portal (ICA) that ONLY my Wireless subset of users experience sporadically out in the field. The comments below are from a inspector's VDI experience. Again, this occurs on just some of the wireless users. The slower the wireless pipe that is available, more disconnects are seen in VDI than on our Citrix Portal. I am hearing this over and over and over again.

Bottom line, the ICA protocol used in our Citrix Portal is a more stable protocol over slower links that the PCoIP protocol, AND our wireless users are feeling that difference. On a hard wire connection, there is NO difference in performance.

Comments from Wireless users either on 3G aircards or using 4G Mifi devices...

(1) Since last week, I'm experiencing about a 3 second delay from keystroke to seeing it happen.  OK if just pressing one button, but when typing and copying & pasting it is frustrating.

(2) Since yesterday, E-mails I'm receiving and sending the letters of the words are overlapping.  I type 4 letters and can only see 3 with one letter over another one.  Spell check doesn't work during this situation and I'm unable to copy my signature into the signature box under tools (I do this 1st thing in the morning when I open up VDI).

(3)  Today, I was kicked out of VDI twice and then I started using Portal just to get things done.

Is anyone out there using anytime of VDI accelerator to bridge this gap between these two protocols????

Any advise or direction is greatly appreciated...

Thanks Scott

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