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VC_FAULT_FATAL - Unable to access the virtual machine configuration:

I'm setting up a Horizon 7 test environment on existing infrastructure using an evaluation license.  I have successfully set up an automated / dedicated pool and connected a user to the VM.  I was also able to create and use a manual / floating pool.  However, I can't get an instant clone pool to provision a VM snapshot.  I am getting this error when I attempt to create the pool:

"Error during provisioning: Initial publish failed: Fault type is VC_FAULT_FATAL - Unable to access the virtual machine configuration:  Unable to access file [DS1] XXXX\XXXX.vmx"

The view composer is installed on a separate server from the connection server and I am trying to use a data storage located on the same subnet and within the vcenter.  Has anyone dealt with this error before?  I would really appreciate any help you guys can offer.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Instant clone creation requires that parent VMs are created on all hosts in the selected cluster, refer KB 2144808.

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This article will help you.

Basically the parent VM you made the clone from has not been powered on therefore the cloned VM is trying to access the parent VM and it's unable to do so as it is powered off.

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