Using GPU´s to boost VDI Performance - Licensing, compaiblity


we thought about expending our enviorement with GPU´s to boost Graphical Performance in our VDI´s.

We would like to use Shared or Shared-pass Through Graphics.

But there are still some Questions.

Do i need a license for Shared or Shared-pass Through Graphics? (The only thing i can find, is that we need Vsphere Enterprise Plus if we want to use Nvidia GRID vgpus).

Is there a way to use AMD Shared Graphics for 6.7U2? if i get it right, we dont need any further Licensing for it?

If we would use Nivida Telsa T4 GPU, we would need to invest about 27300€, which is way to much for us. (3x Vsphere Enterprise Plus, 55x Nvidia Virtual PC License, 3x Telsa T4 GPU).

Our enviorement:

3x HP DL360 Gen10 Servers with Xeon Gold 5120

Horizon 7 Standard with 55 Machines (Windows 10 2004)

ESXI 6.7U2

We dont use any Graphical Demanding Software, but the VDI expierience is very unsmooth and clunky.

Kind Regards

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