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User unable to login to the vdi after installing docker.

Recently, one of the vdi user requested docker to be installed and configured.

Enabled "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to the guest OS " on the vdi settings in order for the docker to run inside the VDI.

Vdi worked, docker worked fine.

The next day the user is unable to log in to the vdi, when checked in the horizon admin, i see the vdi status as Agent unreachable. Checked with in the vdi for horizon agent, agent service is up and running, uninstalled and reinstalled the horizon agent, same problem, later i did the key pair rest on this affected vdi from connection server by running the commands

Reset the keypair

  • Run the command from this location on a connection server : C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Server\tools\bin
    vdmadmin -A -d desktop-pool-name -m name-of-machine-in-pool -resetkey


Restarted the vdi, user is able to log in to the vdi, docker is working.

Same issue occurred again the next day, keypair reset worked again.

Is there any permanent fix for this issue ?

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I'm not sure, but docker installation add a networkcard ?


We had the same problem with physicals computers (with the horizon agent ) who have ethernet and wifi card.

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