User had two VM sessions.

Have you run into this issue.

Windows 7 linked-clone, Horizon agent is 7.3.1

We had following user yarth connected to two VM for 25 mins.

Looking at the Events I found the following but does not explain why this user had two VM connections.   Any insights would be greatly appreciated.


4/10/2018 7:01:53am - the agent running on machine TEST05 has accepted an allocated session for user yarth

4/10/2018 7:16:13am - user yarth has disconnected from machine TEST05

4/10/2018 8:49:40am - user yarth has reconnected to machine TEST05


4/10/2018  7:24:25am - the agent running on machine TEST07 has accepted an allocated session for user yarth

4/10/2018  9:15:04am   - logoff

It appears user was first connected TEST05 machine then disconnected around 7:16am  then when user request a VM, user should've gotten TEST05 instead of TEST07.  So between 8:49am to 9:15am this user had two VM connections.  NOTE:  The first image was taken about 5 minutes before the second image.

Verified "Allow user to initiate separate sessions from different client devices" is set NO.

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check your DNS records for the VM  and delete the name that has the wrong IP.... login into the current session that the person is on and "ipconfig" and make sure you have not run out of IP's on your DHCP scope.


Just checking in to see if jzumwalt 's recommendation helped or if you are still having issues.

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