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Unified Access Gateway Deployment Questions


We have an existing Horizon configuration that includes a Security Server.  At VMworld, it was mentioned that Security Server is on its way out, and that the UAG deployment was a better solution.  With that in mind, I'm in the process of deploying a v3.6 UAG appliance.

I am able to deploy the appliance using the OVF Template Wizard, but once deployed, I seem to have no connectivity in or out of the appliance.  It appears to be picking up the mac address of its default gateway, and one of an adjacent server in the DMZ, but I can not ping its default gateway, and the adjacent server cannot ping the appliance.

I'm using the following configuration:

Host NameHSecure
IP Address216.143.165.243
NIC ConfigurationSingle
Management NetworkVLAN--101
Backend NetworkVLAN--101
IPMode for Nic1STATICV4
Forward Rules[blank]
NIC 1 IPv4 Address216.143.165.243
Custom Routes[blank]

I am unclear on whether I need to add an entry in the "Forward Rules" or not.  And if I do, I'm even more unclear on what the content of those rules should be.  As the appliance is sitting in a DMZ, I am leaving the "Custom Routes" section blank, as I'll let the firewall handle the routing of packets from the UAG appliance to the Internet/Horizon Connection server.

The other server in the DMZ has an address of  That server can ping (the default gateway) with no issue.  The UAG appliance cannot.  Nor can the UAG appliance ping the other server.  And the other server cannot ping the UAG.  Attempting to connect to the UAG appliance with a web browser is unsuccessful.

I'd sure appreciate any pointers on this.  The deployment seems pretty straightforward, but I am clearly missing something.  Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.  We have a pretty small deployment, so I'd like to stick with the Single NIC configuration, if possible.

An unrelated note:  I tried to deploy the UAG appliance through the ESX host client on a 6.7 host.  The wizard started, but when it came time to specify the network port groups for Management, BackEnd, and Internet, the drop-down boxes were blank and could not be updated.  Very strange.  Chrome was the browser in use at the time.

Thanks again!


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