Unable to connect Linux Remote Desktop. Event: BROKER_POOL_OVERLOADED

I have a working Horizon 7 with Windows Desktop Pools working fine for months.

Recently I want to create Linux Desktops based on the steps provided online.

Create a Ubuntu 18.04 (gnome desktop environment) VM in the vCenter.

View Agent installation - ok.

Connection Server able to create manual Pool (Display: VMware blast, Allow users to change protocol: No, 3D Renderer: Manage using vSphere Client)

Added the Ubuntu VM to the Pool and VM states "Available"

I grant a user to the Pool and VM entitlement.

Joined the VM to Windows Domain - ok

I am able to login to Ubuntu VM using domain credential from the vCenter.

DNS entries for the VM has also been updated. So DNS query to the VM is ok

However when the user try to connect the Linux Pool from Horizon Client at my desktop, The  connection failed with message of "All available desktop sources for this desktop are currently busy. Please try to connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator."

From the Connection Server event log shows "BROKER_POOL_OVERLOADED"

Anyone can guide me through how to troubleshoot or what can I check at the logs etc?

I have not do anything to the "viewagent-custom.conf"

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