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Unable to change Desktop Wallpaper Windows 10 VDI

Good afternoon,

I think this has been asked before but it was quite some time ago in 2014/2015.

I have a master VM that I am trying to configure and my problem is that any account other than the Administrator can not change the desktop wallpaper.

This happens both while logging in to the local machine as any user other than Administrator or after they are cloned and deployed.

The odd thing is some examples show that when they are clicking the background they will either be denied with a message, will be greyed out, or it will look on the screen like it changed but it does not reflect on desktop. In this case, clicking each of the available images does nothing. You can not right-click and image and set as desktop background either.

These are the things I have checked.

  • Windows is activated
  • There is no Group policy specifically setting the wallpaper to any image or nonexisting image.
  • Prevent changing desktop background is not enabled
  • Show windows background is on in Ease of Access
  • Remove background images (where available) is not checked in Easy of Access
  • Power options to have Desktop background settings set to active
  • Toggled enabling and disabling video driver
  • Made sure no NoChangingWallpaper exists or set to 1 in the registry
  • Deleted transcodedwallpaper file and no slideshow.ini exists
  • Created new local user and gave admin rights as a test and it can not change either.

I have a feeling there is something wrong with the default account, and when it is being copied when new users log in, those oddities are being replicated to the new user.

The only way to set a desktop that I have seen so far is to set it manually in GPO or GPEDIT

I really do not want to have to reimage this or set everything up again just to get this desktop wallpaper working. But if that is the case they are just not going to get it (in fact they do say removing the ability to have wallpaper will help speed)

Thanks to all,


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I think you already had the answer, but the process it might be time consuming as you said, create a new image.

You can try to load the Default User Hive on registry, I check if any registry key is there to prevent the wallpaper changes, or enter in audit mode and rebuild the default user.

However to be comfortable with the environment, I would create a new one. Smiley Happy

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