USB Smartcard Reader & VMware Horizon


I am using a Smartcard and Smartcard reader with 3rd party bespoke software which allows authentication into a web-based service. This is NOT for windows authentication.

I read that smartcard readers are included in what is called HID-devices or Human Interface Devices. Other examples of these are mouse and keyboard and that HID Devices are by default shared between the client and the virtual desktop and is not subject to the general USB redirection policys.

In the windows 10 device manager, the smartcard reader doesn't display in the list as a native device. If you select view > hidden devices, the card reader appears under 'software devices'. The smartcard reader is seen by the command prompt using the command 'certutil -scinfo.' The bespoke software which is triggered when the smartcard is inserted also sees the reader.

If I select the USB Smartcard Reader in the VMware client view of selectable USB devices, the smartcard reader appears as normal in the windows 10 device manager as a native device under 'Smartcard Readers' however windows doesn't not see the card reader (command prompt certutil -scinfo). The bespoke software doesnt see the card reader either which I find odd.

There is a web based java application we use to perform card management operations and upon launch it looks for any available smartcard readers, whether the smartcard reader is selected under the vmware view list of connectable devices or not, the web based application reports no card readers connected.

The web based application could potentially be designed to only work in a native environment however the developers have tested the software over RDP using Virtualbox which works fine. They have not tested VMware Blast.

I believe the admins installed the modules for USB redirection and Smartcard when installing VMware Horzion Agent.

We don't use one specific type of smartcard reader, we use many different types.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Are you doing USB Redirection? Do you have smart card redirection enabled in your environment?

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