USB Redirection failing

Hi all,

I'm hoping someone might have some insight into a strange issue I experienced this morning.

The issue:  Scanner was not being redirected to virtual desktops through a Wyse V10L.  Confirmed on test device.  Wyse System Information showed USB device attaching, but not redirecting.  Virtual desktops do not receive expected Install New Hardware wizard.

Basic setup:

  • View 4.6
  • Windows XP pool
  • Connection server is not set to use secure tunnel connection to desktop
  • USB is redirected through Wyse TCX ~2.1.5

Recent changes:

  • Half the pool had been recomposed with updated Microsoft patches
  • Second connection server and security server brought into production
    • all connections still point to the first connection server
    • uses secure tunnel connection to desktop

"Resolved" by:

  • Rolling back to last snapshot (further testing showed that the new image worked without issue)
  • Shutting down second connection server and security server

I use quotes as I'm a bit worried.  I brought the second connection server and security server back online, tagged the first connection server, and restricted the pool in question to the first connection server.  Everything is working again, but the only real change seems to be that the pool is now locked to the first connection server.  If users specify the first connection server only, why would this matter?  Is some form of load balancing being performed?  Is there a reason I can go into View Administrator and click Dashboard, expand View Components/Connection Servers and see that the second connection server lists as many connections as the first connection server, despite no explicit users on this second connection server?

My apologies for the long winded post or if I have overlooked any information.  Your insight would be greatly appreciated!

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The reason you see as many connections on both servers is becuase all the agents check in with the VCS so you'll see them regardless.

Try reinstall the TCX extensions after your patch.  Something may have stepped on them.


Gunnar Berger
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