USB Redirection Failed on Horizon 6.1

Recently i'm conducting a vGPU PoC and got a USB redirection problem on the laptop client. I tried on different laptops and it only happened on the Dell E7240 which has 3 USB3.0 ports. There is a Intel Bluetooth Adaptor listed in the "Connect USB Device" menu of View Client if none device is plugged on the USB ports. However, when i plug a flash drive (USB2.0 or USB3.0), the Bluetooth device disappeared and the menu shows "USB unavailable".

I checked the VMWare services and found that the "VMware USB Service" stopped every time when plugging in the flash drive. I tried many methods and the only working one is that disable or uninstall the "Intel(R) Series USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 - 9C26" in Device Manager. However, this will also make the Intel Bluetooth device unavailable.

Is there anyone know how to solve this issue or have the same problem?

My View Client version is 3.3 and View Agent version is 6.1.



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