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USB Memory Stick Booting

Hi there,

Has anyone made a USB boot stick for users who want to use there Virtual desktop both locally and remotely? I was wondering if it would be possible to setup a USB Pen Drive to boot to say Linux which will use the machines ethernet or wireless to connect to the WMware view server and of course present them with there Virtual Desktop?

Of course the USB Stick would need a base Linux (which flavour?) that would boot up and present them with a VMware login box.. firstly how would you get around the detection of different network cards in different models of machines? Companies like Acronis do it with there boot CD so I imagine it is possible to do it?

If it is possible we could issue users with a USB Key which is encrypted to allow them access to there VDI from any pc on are lan even from home...

Any input from people would be most welcome Smiley Happy

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