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USB Devices work with Windows 10 but not Server 2016

We are using VMware Horizon 7.8.

We currently use Wyse P25s with 3 peripherals at each desktop. 1. Fujitsu 6130 scanner, 2. Brother 2270DW Printer and 3. Dymo labelmaker printers - various models. These all connect just fine to our instant-clone-based Windows 10 machines.

We are trying out using Server 2016 remote desktop pool instead. Most things appear to work better with the significant exception of the 3 peripherals mentioned above. Server 2016 "sees" the devices when attached, but fails with event ID 372 when I try to print. The scanning software says there is a communication error.

I purchased a USB-over-IP device. When I connected the peripherals through there, the devices worked fine. We may have to do this, I just don't want to add another two devices to each location (the USB-over-IP device and a small network switch). Since the devices all work when connected via the USB-over-IP device, I'm pretty sure the problem is somewhere with the P25s.

The USB keyboard and mouse do work. I also tried a powered USB hub for the USB devices, but that didn't appear to help. At least the printers work when connected via the VMware software client.

Just upgraded the firmware in the P25s to 6.4 with no perceptible difference to the functionality of the USB devices.

Thanks for any thoughts about getting these devices to connect to our WIndows 2016 server via the USB ports on the Wyse P25s.

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