Having some weird issues with my FTA. My end users have access to both IE and Chrome, the initial default is always IE but they can choose to change this to Chrome should they want to.

When a new user/profile logs on Internet Explorer is the default, this user then makes no changes and isn't prompted to select their default browser settings, but upon the next logon it wants them to select their default. Not a big deal but what ever the user selects this is forgotten and not loaded back on the next logon. If the user makes changes to any other default programs, these settings are saved and loaded back ruling out anything to do with the users FTA settings writing back and loading on logon.

The user will be prompted to select a default on each logon;


HTTP/HTTPS remain as below until they select one


I've tried forcing the FTA to apply on each logon (and just once) but the association is lost each time the user logs back on.


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