UAG fails to connect to network after powershell deployment

I must be doing something wrong during the deployment. I was able to successfully deploy and configure a new UAG deploying the OVA directly. However im trying to test deploying a UAG via powershell but im never able to connect to the admin web page or ping the device.

from a console of the device i cant even ping its gateway

The deployment completes according to powershell, ifconfig shows the correct IP and its connected to the correct dPG. but no network traffic is happening

i've attached the ini file i configured to match my environment. i got this template from the zip that i downloaded from vmware.

I would eventually like to test a deployment with two nics but i need to figure out why the powershell deployment isn't working first.

Horizon 7.11

uag 3.8

vsphere 6.5

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I can't tell you exactly what's wrong, i.e. whether it's something with the port group to which the UAG connects, or with the UAG's network configuration.

However, what you may do to troubleshoot the issue, is to export the configuration (.ini file) after a successful deployment, and compare the settings with those in your .ini file.


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