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UAG Traffic Behavior

we are adding two UAG 3.2.1 appliances to our Horizon 7.4 environment and i have a question about some of the traffic behavior.

On the horizon connection servers we have disabled tunneling. On the UAG appliances we disabled tunnel and disabled BSG UDP Tunnel Server. I dont understand why this works? I was under the impression that we disable the tunnel on our connection server and turn it on here in the UAG and when the user clicks to load the desktop the UAG would communicate directly with the VDI. Based on this it seems like this is not the case.

Can anyone explain what these two settings mean and how they affect traffic?

FYI we are using PCOIP


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Hot Shot

These two are definitely optional as the UAG will send client sessions on to the configured Connection servers without enabling these items.

BSG UDP Tunnel Server: This will be used when a connection(s) hit the UAG on a low bandwidth connection to provide a better experience for the end user/client.

Enable Tunnel: If the Horizon secure tunnel is used, change NO to YES. The Client uses the external URL for tunnel connections through the Horizon Secure Gateway. The tunnel is used for RDP, USB, and multimedia redirection (MMR) traffic.

Hope that helps.

Joe Graziano
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