Thinapps vs RDS apps, Horizon 6.1

I am new to application pools and had a question regarding thinapps vs RDS.  I have a variety of thinapps already made, can I expose these out via an application pool?  Or are the application pools only for use with RDS?  If I can expose thinapps, wouldn't they work better than RDS application since they are containerized and don't have to go back to a server, like RDS apps do?  Seems like everything is pointing towards using RDS in the documentation but I was wondering if I could publish my thinapps as well.

I also know that there is a horizon workspaces client, is this the way to expose thinapps?  SO, only RDS applications can be exposed via the Horizon View Client and all thinapps need to be done with workspaces using the workspaces client?

Thanks in advance

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