ThinOS 9.1.3112 & onelogin Single Sign on and Horizon


Wanted to post here cause i'm wondering if any one has seen this issue before.  I know it appears to be a ThinOS issue, and we do have a ticket open with dell. but wanted to work it from the VMware side as well as it could be something with the UAG.

We have been racking our brain out trying to figure out what is causing this issue. its Random when it happens.

We have a few labs of Wyse 5470 All-In-One, 95% of the time it works as it should. However sometimes when a user logs in using SSO it drops them to the HTML version of horizon instead of taking them to the ThinOS horizon client.  The user is shown the HTML version in the ThinOS Browser that was used for SSO instead of seeing the pools that are supposed to pop up from the left.

Has anyone see this before?

This started on version 9.1.1131 with Horizon  client 2006. As this version supports SSO.  We just updated some machines today, to Wyse ThinOS (9.1.3112) with Horizon Client 2103.  And we still see the same thing randomly happen.

We are running WMS 3.3 276.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi 5Y54DMIN,

We failed to find record of similar issue in our bug system.

Below information would help us to understand the issue, thanks.

"This started on version 9.1.1131 with Horizon  client 2006. As this version supports SSO"
1) Seems this issue is found as regression, i.e. worked well previously, but get broken after product version upgrade.
We know that 2006 is the version of Horizon Client, Could you provide more information about "version 9.1.1131"?

1.1) The product name and vendor name for "version 9.1.1131".
1.2) could more details provided for "As this version supports SSO"? any doc or guides would help to understand the background


2) From the description, seems the Horizon Client is launched by other component. Could more details of the Horizon Launching component be provided? It that component owned by VMware?

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Hello @EdenZhao ,

There really was not a regression as SSO was not supported in thinos 8 and is support in thinos 9, that is why we updated so we could use SSO>

9.1.1131 is the version of Thinos Dell wyse terminals.

Version 9 supports SSO.

Horizon launches on its own, it just an issue when SSO is used its dropping to the HTML version, randomly.

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