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ThinClient Tracking

Question:  I would like to track what ThinClient is being used to log into View in order to track problematic machines.

I have ThinClient1 that user BOB uses to log into the View Client and access VDIPOOL1 Desktops.  If BOB moves to ThinClient46 to log into the View Client, I'd like to be able to audit/report this type of movement. ThinClient OS is Windows Embedded Standard 7 (ThinPC).

Currently, the View Event logs in the database track Username and which VDI Desktop the user accesses, when they logged in, when they disconnect, when they fail to authentication, etc, etc, but nothing about the machine they authenticated from.

How are others doing this?  I'd like to avoid a login script that pulls this information from the HKCU\Volatile Environment Registry Key.

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