Thin Client naming convention

A third party is hosting our desktop environment with VMware Horizon 6.x
We have about 450 HP T620 stand alone Thin Clients with vMware Horizon client 3.5

Past 10 years I was responsible for the desktop environment, (fat clients) and did this with SCCM 2007/2012R2.
So I’m a little familiar with desktop deployment.

I’m a VDI beginner.
One thing I noticed the hosting party did, is giving all the Thinclients the same computername. The thin clients are not domain joined, but still I don’t think it’s “best practice”. Probably not even sysprep the TC’s.
The Non-persisten VDI’s running on the TC’s are domain joined offcourse. Everytime a user logs off, he gets a “new” VDI from the pool.
We have some weird issues. VDI’s that disconnect random, and when logging on again, it’s on a “new” VDI.
Hanging of VDI sessions. Errors in the event viewer. See attachment.

Questions: could naming all the thin clients the same cause these  are any other issues?


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