Thick client and VMware view 5 client 2 sign ons

In our View 5 environment we're using thin clients with success.  Now we want to start adding in thick clients to users so that they can perform so local work and also have the virtual desktop.  The workstations are Windows 7 Thin and using the VMware view 5 client.  The users log in to the thick workstations as their AD domain user account, and then launch the view client to get their desktop.  This works great for initial login.  Then after 20 minutes the thick workstation has a group policy to lock the workstation.  The same GP applies to the virtual.  So when a user goes away or intentionally locks their physical workstation, then comes back after 20 mins, they log into the physical and then have to ctrl-alt-del and log into the virtual.

I hate to leave virtual workstations running eternally without ever locking, as it could potentially allow someone to log in to the Vcenter console and then hijack a workstation as a different user.  More of a corporate espianoge concern than anything, and of course would take someone with Vcenter access to do so.

Any other folks out there doing something similar and either have a fix for doing a single sign on for this scenario, or just saying screw it and not applying a lock to the virtual?

Other thoughts?

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