Teradici / Teams

Hello, I have a strange issue with microsoft teams in combination with teradici zero clients
Some system information:

Horizon view 8
Windows 10 20H2
LG an aTrust zero clients, firmware 17.05.1
Teams machine wide installer
Webcam connected to zero client


I installed some apps in golden image for video conference. Teams, Skype, Zoom. Except for teams these are working. Webcam/Microphone is detected.

However teams does not detect an webcam or microphone or speakers. Privacy settings are set correctly. using webversion of teams all works fine. Also zoom and skype also works fine, and webversion of teams also ok

When I use the horizon client to connect to the desktop, redirection is fine, teams detects camera/microphone.  So issue is only in combination with zero clients/ teradici based

Anyone any idea where to search ?




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