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Temp Folder redirection to disposable disk

Hi, has anyone redirected the win 7 temp folder (default user\xxx\appdata\local\temp to the disposable disk? I have created all my dedicated linked clone machines, all with persistent and disposable disks, but then realised I hadn't actually redirected anybody's temp folder. Only found out when a user filled their persistent disk with temp files. I now want to go back and redirect Temp to the disposable disk, but am wondering the best way. Should I sign on as each user and manually change it (only 60 VMs), Could I change the master images environment variable, although would that work if the user already has a persistent disk. Or maybe use a GPO (policy or preference) to change the environment variable, but if I did this would it create the temp directory if it didn't exist. Any help suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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