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Strange thing when we deploy a new VDI VM from a template...

Just wondering if anybody else has this happening to them. We have created a new VDI template & and set it up with all the correct settings for the local region (australia). We have copied the profile over to the "default user" and "administrator" profiles. We have created an new VM from this template and joined it to our domain. We haven't used the VMware customization script option as it isn't working like a lot of people are finding. Once the VM is created we log onto it through the console window in virtual centre as administrator all the region settings are as they should be. We then use VDM manager (haven't upgraded to view yet, don't see a need yet) to create an instance for out Wyse V10L terminals to log into. When anybody including domain admin's log into the session via a terminal all the region settings have reverted back to "US English"........

Anybody got any ideas or seen this before? Would love to hear about how you got around it.

Chris (Koopie)

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