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Strange Behavior-View 5 and ThinApp

Ok I hope this does not turn out to be a simple issue since I have spent almost 2 days looking at this. Anyway...

I have a View 5 environment with ESXi 5. I am testing ThinApp 4.6 deployment and have run into some interesting issues.

I have 1 pool that is setup as a Floating Pool for Windows 7. I have 2 Windows 7 machines that I am using for testing. I have packaged 3 different software for testing (Google Chrome, FireFox, and Adobe Reader). I have placed protected groups on the packages. I have tested them by clicking on then and I get a message that states that I am not authorized to use them. So far so good. I then create a read-only share and place my executable into them. I created a really simple Thinreg script that registers the applications according to the guides.

The problem I have is that I place my test use into the proper group’s then login as that test user.  Some of the applications are registered and I can see the shortcut where I intended it to be.  The others are not registered.  For instance I placed the user into a group for Chrome and Chrome was not installed.  I clicked on the shortcut on the share and still got the error message saying I was not authorized.  I checked the security group and I am in the group.  I run a GPRESULT (To get the group assignments for the user) and I do not see the chrome group associated to the user.  I log off Windows 7 and back in and still no change.  I might have to do that for 3-4 times before it takes.  Looking at the AD event log I can see the user logging into AD and Logging off each time.  I can also see on the View Administrator when the user logs of the pool desktop.

Question 1:  Why is the View user not seeing the new groups?  As a side note on a physical desktop the groups are applied at login each time I make any changes.

The other issue I have is that my original share I was using for streaming was changed to a different share.  The first one I was just testing something’s out.  Now when I can get an application to register correctly the path to the shortcut is the old one.  I have even tried to uninstall the application.

Question 2:  Why is the path not correct after it installed once then I moved it to a different share?

I appreciate any help and clarification.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Check your active directory synchronization settings.  The defaults are 90 minutes I believe for standard info synch such as security group changes (high priority such as password changes or accounts being disabled are done immediately).

You can go into AD Sites and Services and force the synchronization.


Additionally, the workstation OS will have cached logon settings.  If you wish to test the app assignments via security group changes, you may wish to modify the below setting to 0.

Computer Config \ Policies \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ Local Policies \ Security Options \ Interactive Logon

Number of Previous Logons to Cache: 0

NOTE:  If you set the above on a laptop, this will disable the laptop's ability to logon when not connected to the domain!  Change the above setting at your own risk!  The same goes for Offline View desktops!

-Dean F. https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/identitymanager-pubs.html
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