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Some Windows 10 Apps stop working after recomposing/refreshing a linked-clone

Hello Everyone.

I have a strange behaviour that happens when I recompose or refresh a Windows 10 VM.

I have a VMware Horizon 6.2 configured to provide a Windows 10 linked-clone pool with persistent disks. All is working properly. Users have logged in and they have been satisfied for the past 2 weeks.

My problem is that if I refresh or recompose (to the same snapshot or to a new one) a VM in that pool, Windows applications like Photo, Calc, Weather, Camera stop working. You click on the apps and nothing happens!! They just won't open. If I manually login to the VM (using Vsphere console) with another user, the apps work fine. It seems to be a problem with that user on that machine. If I recreate the profile from scratch, the apps start working again. But then, if I recompose/refresh the VM again, the apps will stop working.

For instance, after recomposing/refreshing a VM, when I double click a bmp file, instead of openning the Microsoft Photo App, I get a pop-up with the following error "Invalid value for registry":


Has anyone experienced this problem? Do you have any clues on what the problem might be?

Since I had to recompose all my VMs last friday, my users are now unable to open those Windows apps. Please help!


Pedro Nascimento

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