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Snipping Tool freezes Virtual Machine

View Horizon 7 virtual machines.

Access via Web browser.

Using IE 11.

We added the local group policy for VMWare View Blast that allows COPY/PASTE into VM, and out of VM in a web browser.

Now the Snipping Tool will freeze the system when it is used.

The user has to "Abort" the session, then log back in.

Then when closing Snipping Tool, the session gets aborted again.

If The Snipping Tool is configured NOT to add clip to the Clip Board, it will not freeze.

As soon as you add the snip to the clip board, it freezes the VM.

On a machine where there is no Group Policy for VMWare View Blast, the Snipping Tool is fine.

The "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\TabletPC\Snipping Tool = DisplayURL dword = 0"

does NOT work.


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