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Slow logon in non-persistent Desktop pool View 3.1.2

I'm running a Non-persistent Desktop pool and I'm not satisfied with the performance at all.

The Pool consists of 22 linked-Clones wich are suspendend when not in use (5 are in running state at minimum)

Usually there are between 5-10people connected to the server (very low load).

Desktop setting are applied by Domain poicies.

The Logon process (Loading user settings) takes between 55seconds to 2minutes (not depending on SSL or not) without a local profil being created (A Default profile is stored on the primary domain controller and is loaded by all the clients). Also working with the desktop is not very smooth. Sometimes keyboard entries lack a view moments and opening a program is slow.

In the performance graphs of VMware Infrastructure CLient is can see that the memory peaks are 25% of the available memory. Average usage is ~15-20%. Processor average usage is 10-15% with peaks to 30%...

The Desktoppool is running on following system:

HP DL385 G5

2 Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors 2356

16GB of RAM

The Desktop pool is located on a local RAID system

The virtual switch is connected to a 100Mbit Network Card (Average Network load is 500Kbps)

Configuration of the Template is as follows:


unrestriced use of processor power

8GB System disk

Guest Operating System:

Windows XP SP3 (Used the XP Deployment guide of VMware)

I think the performance should be much more better than it is now, but I cannot find out what the problem is.

Has anyone ideas where to start improving the performance?

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The Windows logon process can always be a mess. You should look deeper into what's going on there. Maybe it tries to read/write registry values and runs into a timeout. You can configure the Windows userenv debug logging to create a debug level logfile. this should give you an insight... check this Microsoft article on that: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/221833



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