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Shell Load Time

So working on a new GM image for my site, went with windows 10 LTSB for this one as the 1703 version has to many FTA issues

However at this time my logons are crazy slow, in production right now i get about 90 average, which is fine.  On this I am getting in the 390 seconds.  A bulk being in the shell load time 303 seconds on average

I have optimized the VM with the windows 10 fling, and some other time shaving items that are related, any suggestions and what is included in shell load time?

Horizon 7.3.1

Uem 9.2

App Volumes 2.12.1

I did not do a manual profile for this build but edited the default profile using defprof.

Removing the Appstacks from the equation i start to get logon times in the 70 to 100 seconds.

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