Setting up a kiosk machine in DMZ with View

I have View 4.6 w/ composer. I have a case where I need to create about a dozon Win7 View machines that will be used by our clients (we are in healthcare BTW). I want the pool to be automated and use linked clones. I need these machines to have basic Internet access only and auto login. I will be using the Samsung 24" PCOIP screens. I'll delete the machines on logoff and provision new. I want users to always have a fresh machine.

I have a parent Win7 machine setup as a domain machine from the DMZ. It it not the greatest as it sometimes tries to join a DC in one of my remote sites and fails because of firewall rules. I have the firewall allowing access to my main sites DCs.

So my questions are:

1) Can I have these machines be in workgroup mode and still use linked clones?

2) Has anyone built anything like this before?

3) Is there a way to force a machine to always use the same DC when joining the domain (if the first question is no).

I'll think of more questions as I work though this.


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