Session Broker Not Registering Connections


Our View setup has Windows 7 Professional desktops connected to an Active Directory domain (Windows Server 2008 R2) which uses a cross-realm trust with another non-Windows kerberos domain/realm. Prior to an upgrade to View 6.x, all sessions were visible in the View console courtesy of the broker. Post-upgrade this is not happening. Only proper-domain user's sessions are registered by the broker, and visible in the View control panel. Cross-realm kerberos users are not shown, or even registered by the broker. View (the broker) is handing out desktops that already have a user session active, but unregistered. As a result, users often get a "this pool currently has no more resources available" message. They can retry the connection, and it will usually work, but that is very confusing for users. None of this was an issue in View 5.3.x. Has anyone else come across this?


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