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Seperate NIC's for traffic (View Manager)

I will spare you the history but currently I have a situation where I have a View Manager server with two NIC's. One in the VLAN that has a connection with the client PC's (the server VLAN, to which the VLAN's with the physical clients have access) and one in the VLAN where the virtual desktops are. There is only limited communication possible between the VLAN's. This setup currently does not work because the View Manager does not seem to look at his second NIC to find the virtual desktops there. In the user GUI this shows as an error that there are no desktop sources available (although there is one ready and waiting).

I have looked in the admin guide but the only mention of multiple NIC's is in a guest with multiple NIC's and that the View Manager needs to be a server with at least one NIC but there is no mention if it is possible to get the above mentioned setup working.

The alternative is that I have the necessary ports opened between the VLAN's (which has already been requested and should be done tomorrow) or that I move the Manager Server over to the VLAN where the virtual desktops are (but than I would have to get the ports opened between the VLAN's where the physical clients are and the 'virtual desktop' VLAN) but I am curious if it could work.

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