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Hello All,

I'm pretty new to VDI and trying to figure out the best way to structure our VDI POC test.

We have quite a few apps that are used only within certain departments and I'm trying to figure out the best way to structure the images/pools for VDI. If possible I want to limit the amount of images that need to be maintained. After reading around i'm thinking that the way to go might be to create a single image with all our default settings/software, then create a pool for each homogeneous department and then use post-synchronization scripts to deploy the custom software for that particular department.

First off, would this work? is there a better way to do this? an example application would be something like Adobe Standard (Writer). Two departments need this on all computers, the rest don't. I cannot push this through ThinApp as it needs to be integrated with the rest of the session. Would the post-sync script be the way to go for this?

Appreciate your input.

Thank you

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